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Private Classes are always available – weekdays or weekends available.
In your home, with friends (minimum of 4).  Email us for more information



When Gina’s daughter was born in 2013 there was no question in Gina’s mind that she would introduce her to the wonderful world of sign language after researching the topic and learning about other baby signing success stories. Having graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in foreign languages and a qualification in teaching English as an additional language, Gina gained insight into how one acquires a first language. She put this knowledge to the test and managed to successfully communicate with her daughter through the use of American Sign Language before her daughter was able to speak. When she saw firsthand how quickly her daughter picked it up and how useful a communication tool it became for the two of them she then got family and friends on board with signing. Everyone learned it together! Gina can also attest to the benefits of signing beyond the pre-verbal stage. Her chatty daughter never fails to get her point across with an extensive vocabulary for her age. Gina still signs with her daughter and finds it especially useful when teaching and modelling manners. For example when the word ‘please’ is noticeably absent, Gina simply signs it to her daughter who then remembers to use the magic word and often accompanies it with the sign! Gina’s experience with signing is that not only can it facilitate communication between a caregiver and a baby/toddler, but that it creates an amazing bond that is hard to explain unless you try it!




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